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About the Peace Crane

This animation shows how to fold a square of paper into a peace crane (a bird). The crane is a bird with a long neck and tail feathers. It makes a great table decoration or gift. Good quality wrapping paper can also be used to make the model. Origami is called the peaceful art and this model is usually called the peace crane.

Many people recognise it as an international symbol for peace. Sadako, a young girl in Japan who initially survived the atom bomb blast tried to make 1,000 origami cranes and her story has inspired many who hope for greater peace.

Often, friends and well wishers make 1,000 peace cranes and string them together to give to a person as a gesture of peace, good wishes and sometimes for healing.

'Origami' and 'Paper-Folding' in Other Languages

Origami is a transliterated word - that means it is spelt in English literally as it is in Japanese. The word 'origami' is also the same in almost all other languages with only a few that spell it a little differently [origamii (Armenian), aryhami (Belarusian), Zhézhi (Chinese),  jong-i jeobgi (Korean) and oryhami (Ukrainian)]. So if you want an origami book or origami paper in another country, it's best to say 'origami', rather than 'paper folding'.

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